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It's well known that Sun Microsystems' Enterprise JavaBean (EJB) specification is an industry-standard, vendor-neutral, portable architecture for middle-tier transactional components. In an industry starved for standardization, both the server vendor and the development community have embraced EJB. Sybase is a leading member of the J2EE consortium. Sybase's EAServer version 3.0 supported EJB 0.4, version 3.5 supported EJB 1.0, and the recently released J2EE-compatible EAServer version 3.6.1 supports the latest EJB 1.1 specification. The EJB 1.1 specification offers many enhancements and improvements over previous releases. Among the major new features are: Entity beans are now mandatory. Support for container-managed persistence is mandatory. EJB now uses a standard Java API (JNDI) to access container-managed resources such as connection caches. This article focuses ... (more)

What Are Assertions?

PBDJ Blog on Ulitzer PowerBuilder Developer's Journal - The crux of Test Driven Development and refactoring is writing assertions to test your code.   So what's an assertion?  The dictionary says that an assertion is "a positive statement or declaration."  According to the computing dictionary (this is definition you're looking for) it's "An expression which, if false, indicates an error."  In unit testing you are formulating assertions to catch not supposed to happen coding errors.  So you write the assertion first in a test - then you write simple code in the method under test... (more)

Passing the Torch

I personally witnessed something silently happening in the PowerBuilder community a couple of weeks ago that that was so uplifting and significant that I want to share it you.  Here's the story: My friend and colleague, Paul VanBeverhoudt is an expert, seasoned PowerBuilder programmer.  I met Paul through Greg Fisher, another longtime member of the PowerBuilder community.  Paul and I worked together in Manhattan, two floors below ground level, on an intense, short duration refactoring and maintenance project.  Like me, Paul is a middle aged family oriented professional.  Paul's ... (more)

PowerBuilder .NET Migration eTutorial

Yours truly has been busy for the last few months learning the ins and outs of migrating Classic applications to .NET. Here are the links to the final versions on  The beta versions are no longer available. Part 01 Overview and Process: Part 02 Issues and Solutions: Part 03 Anchor Bay Nut Company - A Legacy Use Case Overview:  http:/... (more)

Migration Deja Vu

It started yesterday when I was researching and writing content for a PB .NET migration article while in the county courthouse jury room (yes there was wireless access) waiting to be called to serve the wonderful and free American judicial system.  No I wasn't drinking Kool-Aid or licking colored dots off paper.   Today it's looming larger. It started when a Google search on 'well partitioned client server code'  brought me to the SAM's book 'PowerBuilder 9 Internet and Distributed Application Development ' (click the link to see for yourself).   The book was authored by an all s... (more)