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Video tutorial on TDD and Refactoring with pbUnit

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Nowadays, every platform has an xUnit based open source unit testing tool. Just today, I discovered that there is one for Adobe Flex (woops this is a PB forum!) it's called Flex Unit. Here's an article on it. There are xUnit testing frameworks for Java, C#, C++, Smalltalk and many others. Tools such as Eclipse and VS have xUnit extensions. pbUnit is our version. When you need to refactor or build business logic in PB, think TDD. TDD is a powerful methodology with a proven track record for supporing developers in delivering quality code.

Let me share something personal with you, in case you feel gun shy about using pbUnit. I read most of Kent Beck's classic book on TDD in a couple of hours.  Then I knew how xUnit worked and what I was supposed to do with it. Following that, I figured out what pbUnit was supposed to do and how to use it by reading the doc included in the 3.2 version archive.  After that it took me literally 5 minutes to migrate it to version 12 Classic and maybe 10 more to write my first test. OK, the GUI has a few minor pimples and there are additional Assert type methods that could be added to make testing complex types easier, but not using it because the last posted version is 10.2, is IMHO, no excuse to stay away. The only way an open source tool can grow is by community support. WE IS THE COMMUNITY!

Today, Sybase posted my video tutorial on TDD and Refactoring with pbUnit as part of their free developer migration support series. I welcome you to check it out. You can download a v12 compatible version of pbUNIT from the attachments tab (I built it with Beta 1. You'll be prompted for a painless migration in Beta 2) Here's the link Click on the Technical Resources tab and scroll down to the Migration Resources section. The direct link is

Telling you about my own work on Sybase reminds me of the joke about the 87 year old man who marries an 18 year old girl.  The day after his wedding he goes to a minister for confession.  After listening to the story, the minister asks the groom, 'Why are you telling me about this, you're not in my congregation". The smiling groom says 'Cause I'm telling EVERYONE about it!  '  OK, sometimes you feel like you gotta toot your own horn.

If you try out TDD with pbUnit, drop me a line.  I'd like to hear your experience

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Yakov Werde, a 25 year IT industry veteran, is a member of TeamSybase and the newly formed Sybase Customer Evangelist Team. Yakov is a recognized author, speaker and trainer who has been designing and delivering PowerBuilder, .NET, EaServer, Web App Development, and Java training for over 14 years to corporate, military and government developers. Prior to discovering his aptitude as an educator, Yakov worked as an architect, project manager and application coder in the trenches of application software development. Yakov holds a Masters in Education with a specialty in instructional design for online learning from Capella University and a BS in math and computer science from Florida International University. Yakov, managing partner of eLearnIT LLC (, authors and delivers workshops and web based eLearning tutorials to guide professional developers toward PowerBuilder Classic and .NET mastery. Follow Yakov on Twitter as @eLearnPB